Billy Harris

billy botox
This web site has been set-up by Billy's friends and family so that funds may be raised to assist in Billy's dream of achieving an independent life.

Currently, the help that Billy desperately needs comes in the form of “Botox” injections. Billy is suffering from increased muscle tightness on his right side which is caused by damage to parts of the central nervous system that control voluntary movements. When this happens, your nerves send continuous messages to your muscles telling them to contract or tighten. 

For this treatment to have maximum impact and success, Billy continually needs these injections every 3 to 4 months so that it helps to keep the momentum going on the development of his muscle function. 

Unfortunately, the ongoing treatment is very expensive but will deliver results. Your support, no matter how big or small, will go a long way toward Billy’s dream of achieving an independent life.

Thank you for Supporting Billy's Movie Night!

The movie night held on 24th May 2017 was a huge success raising $3,051.00 to go toward Billy’s Botox treatments and follow up rehabilitation including Personal Trainer.
This means a great deal to us as it definitely takes the pressure off having to worry about how many more treatments we can afford.  It is also a huge relief to know that he can continue with his PT sessions twice a week without the pressure of wondering how we are going to pay.
Thank you just never seems to adequately express the way we feel about all your help and we hope everyone can take benefit from the knowledge that you are ensuring Billy’s dream of an independent life.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following businesses and individuals for donating products/services to make this fundraiser the phenomenal success that it was:
Skin Savers Beauty
Julie & Mike Clahsen
Star Pharmacy Arana Hills
Typo Chermside
Karen & Greg Slater
Kmart Arana Hills
Dan Murph’s Chermside
Sue Allcroft
Goodlife Gym Chermside
Iris Anderson Arbonne
Jenny Baartz 
Coles Arana Hills
Donna Bourke

A big congratulations to the major raffle prize winners:

Night at Stamford – Kim Hickey 

Jim Beam fridge - Tracey King 

3 Mth membership and starter pack from Goodlife Gym Chermside – Amanda Whitehead